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Agent Requirement

Enterprises or individuals with certain market and channel resources, who love innovation and personalization;

Enterprises or individuals with certain brand management capabilities and marketing experience;

Those who have a deep understanding of our products and brand philosophy and can actively promote and market them;

Those who have long-term plans for cooperation and are willing to grow together.

Agent Policy

Provides global agent and agency opportunities, supporting the development of local markets;

Offers favorable prices and flexible supply policies;

Provides all-round brand support and promotion, including market research, marketing planning, brand promotion, etc.;

Provides professional product training and after-sales support, ensuring stable sales for partners;

Establishes long-term cooperative relationships to jointly promote brand development.

Cooperative Process

Learn about the Zamfun brand and products, and submit a cooperation application to us, including enterprise or individual profiles, market and channel resources, etc.;

We review and audit potential partners, and communicate and negotiate with suitable ones;

Sign cooperation agreements and authorization letters to determine details and policies of cooperation;

Start cooperation and provide comprehensive support and assistance.


  • New Products are Constantly being Updated

  • Best Practice of Brand and Sales

  • Professional Marketing Support for You

  • Agents With Strong Sales Ability Can Become Shareholders

What We Want?


National Agents


City Agents

What We Can Do For You?

Provides Brands

The ZAMFUN brand is available for use by agents if required

Provides Goods

We can provide products such as hats and patches for agents to sell

*If it involves joint names, it is negotiable.

Agency Eligibility

National Agents

The annual profit is not less than 100000set, and the profit is not less than 20%; Sales in the country can be within 50% of the ZAMFUN price.

City Agents

Not less than 10000set per year, profit not less than 15%; Sales in the city can be within 30 times higher than ZAMFUN.