Be extraordinary, from the moment of flying like Kunpeng

Patch Advantages

Process Technology Breakthrough Parameters

  • Cold resistance: -24 degrees Celsius, 72 hours, no problem with induction.
  • Heat resistance: 120 degrees Celsius, 240 minutes, no problem with induction.
  • Waterproof: 100~120 degrees Celsius, 60 minutes, no problem with induction.

*The above technologies can overcome the maximum ability to radiate the wearing and storage environment, so that the product itself does not have environmental barriers for the use of the product due to the harsh environment. At the same time, radiation safety can be maximized because the memory chip can be sensed without hindrance.

Magnetism Coexists With The Chip

  • Magnetism is weak magnetism, which does not cause radiation and other harm to the human body.
  • The magnetic pole and size design can coexist with the NFC chip without being affected.
  • The magnetic and NFC design does not affect the beauty of the final product itself, but can implicitly amplify the value of the product (commodity)

Environmental Protection And Regeneration

  • The whole product (product) itself is very particular about the selection of materials, and the fabric used and the final presentation pattern are recycled and environmentally friendly materials and processes.
  • The selected fabric and silicone printing materials have passed the GRS international certification system, and the products reflect humanistic health and safety.

Human and nature coexist harmoniously

  • Made of renewable fabrics, our badges are issuers, protectors and implementers of the cycle.

To our youth

Once, we cried, laughed and lost;

Once, we were foolish, stayed and struggled;

Once, we met together to have you and me along the way;

Once, once we were young