Be extraordinary, from the moment of flying like Kunpeng


Zamfun is a creative and dynamic brand that specializes in designing and selling innovative patches. Our products feature the unique ability to easily switch out badges and use NFC technology, allowing you to showcase your style on hats, clothing, bags, and more.

We prioritize badge design and regularly hold design contests to find the most creative and artistically valuable badges. We believe that badges are not just an accessory, but a representation of personal style and values.

Our brand positioning is innovative, personalized, and free-spirited, encouraging people to express their unique qualities and showcase their personality in everyday life.

We have a youthful, vibrant, and creative brand image, with designs and marketing activities that are innovative and appeal to those with a creative and fashion-forward mindset.

Overall, Zamfun is a brand full of creativity and energy, and we hope our products and values can empower more people to showcase their individuality and style.

“Be extraordinary, from the moment of flying like Kunpeng”

There is a fish in the northern underworld, and its name is Kun. The size of the fish is not known to be thousands of miles. Transformed into a bird, its name is Peng. Peng's back, I don't know how many thousands of miles it is; Flying in anger, its wings are like clouds hanging from the sky.

Brand Concept

ZAMFUN - red represents the brand, forge ahead; Black represents restrained focus, craftsmanship.

Designed for the brand, defined for the brand.

Work hard for the most ideal design in everyone's mind;

Design the best patch in mind and change the wear;

Personality, professionalism, innovation, always change for the most suitable you!

Brand Story

ZAMFUN was founded in 2014 and has been serving the OEM and production of sports brands in the early stage. To provide one-stop garment accessories system solutions, the company attaches great importance to branding, production, and market trend trinity service.

ZAMFUN is committed to product innovation, covering material innovation, functional innovation, process innovation, design innovation, solution innovation, etc. So that our products can always keep up with the needs of the market and customer expectations.

Quality has always been a priority for ZAMFUN, and quality service is our core value.

ZAMFUN is committed to market demand-oriented, focusing on the research and development of product functions and processes to providing customers with customized system solutions, creating value for customers, is our mission.

In 2018, ZAMFUN explored its own brand building.

In 2022, ZAMFUN will be launched.

Future Ideas

You can discuss the same topic, design different styles of patches, and establish a "fighting list", and excellent people and excellent designs can get the highest honors and awards.

Different styles of patches can be worn to show personality and mood.

It can be broken through, the NFC chip can be changed to a smaller and safer nano-level, and the sensing of the mobile phone can break through a longer distance, allowing the traditional embrace of technology to escort safety.

It can be broken through again, and the fit can be changed by removing the magnetic attraction, without changing the existing wearing sensation and the function of the chip.

Can break through again, design for you, create for you, change for you.